¿Qué llevas en la mochila? |

A few weeks ago I asked you this question:

¿Qué llevas en la mochila?


What are you going to take in your backpack?


In that post  I wrote about general items that you will need during your Camino de Santiago. Then, last week I concentrated on la ropa (clothes). But you need some other things as well. I will write a post soon about healthcare stuff you may need. So, today I’m going to tell you about other items you should bring in your mochila.


  • Some people use them, some others don’t but they can be useful going up and down hills. They provide extra support and stability and they also reduce the effort, therefore helping you keep your joints and ligaments in good shape. I’m talking about bastones (trekking poles). Look for something light and foldable.


que llevas en la mochila
  • Tapones (para los oídos) or earplugs. Don’t leave them behind if you are planning to stay in albergues. You never know if the person in the next litera is a snorer… or how early some fellow pilgrims will get out of bed and start making noise!


  • Linterna (torchlight). It will be useful if you are planning to start walking before sunrise. If you are using it inside your albergue dorm, please be thoughtful of the people who are still sleeping. Nobody likes light flashing in their eyes at 5 am! A headlamp is probably the most convenient type to use, as your hands will be free to do whatever you need to do.


  • Imperdibles (safety pins). They can have several uses, one of them being to “hang” your wet clothes from your mochila and let them dry while you walk.


  • Móvil y cargador (mobile phone and charger). A mobile phone is great to have in case you need to call for help in an emergency. You can use it as a GPS. And you can also use it to take pictures (it saves you the weight of the camera). But make sure it doesn’t distract you too much from the scenery and your surroundings. You could be missing great things


And that’s it for today! For next week I’m hoping to get some help from experienced pilgrims. I’d love to get their recommendations. So, if you are reading this and you have already done the Camino, I’d love to hear from you.


What’s the best item you packed? And the worst?

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¡Buen Camino!