If you have ever travelled abroad (to a country where they don’t speak your language), I’m sure you have seen these lists of “useful phrases”, where you get a few words and phrases in the language of that country with the translation into your own language.

Well, I have. And I don’t find them so “useful”.


Two reasons, mainly:

  • Most of them give you the words but don’t tell you how to pronounce them. So chances are that if you try to say anything, people won’t understand you. Embarrassing and frustrating!


  • They only tell you what YOU can say. Imagine you get the pronunciation right but… what happens when people talk back to you? Blank face… you are lost!


Now you are planning to do the Camino and you would like to know some Spanish before your start, so you can communicate with the locals along the way. You have probably already seen these lists of “useful phrases” and you are wondering: will people understand me? How will I know what they are telling me?


Where I live, I see many pilgrims passing by every day. Sometimes, I see them struggling to communicate, looking for directions or information about something they need. I like to help when I get the chance (I’ve been abroad too and I know that feeling!). But I can only help a very small number.

So I had this idea that will allow me to reach and help more people.

Here is the plan:

Every week or so I will write a post about Camino related topics with:

  • useful vocabulary.
  • I will tell you how to pronounce these words and phrases and
  • I will also give you possible replies to your questions.

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¡Buen Camino!