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Last week I asked you…  ¿cómo vas a hacer el Camino? (how are you going to do the Camino?)

But that’s not the only decision you need to make before you start your pilgrimage.

A very important one is:


 ¿Qué vas a llevar en la mochila? 


What are you going to take in your backpack?


Unless you decide to get your mochila transferred from place to place by a courier company,  you will have to carry it with you every day. So you don’t want to pack unnecessary items that will only add weight. The general recommendation is that you should not carry more than 10% of your own weight, up to a maximum of 8 or 9kg. Let’s say you weigh 70kg; then your mochila should not be heavier than 7kg.


So what should you pack? The contents of your mochila will differ slightly depending on the route you have chosen and the time of the year when you are doing it, but there are things you can’t leave behind!


  • Ropa (clothes): it will be a bit different depending on the time of the year you are travelling (and I will elaborate on clothes and toiletries in the coming weeks), but as a general rule, you should bring trousers, two or three T-shirts, as well as underwear and socks.


  • Calzado (shoes): again, your choice will depend on your route and the time of the year, but whether you choose trekking boots or shoes, make sure they are not new! If you need to buy a new pair of shoes, you should start wearing them at least three months before you start your Camino.


  • Toalla (towel): a lightweight quick dry towel is your best choice.


  • Tiritas (plasters): to take care of your feet, so you can rub vaseline in every day. If you still get blisters, tiritas might come in handy!


  • Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.


Are you ready to answer the question now? And what would you add to this list?




Why don’t you write a comment with your answer?



Voy a llevar… or llevo(If you are already doing the Camino).

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¡Buen Camino!