En el aeropuerto |

And finally… we take a trip to el aeropuerto (airport).

You are very likely to travel by avión (plane) either to get to Spain and start your Camino or to go back home after you have finished your pilgrimage.

So, what do you need to know about airports and air travel in Spanish? If you have been following my weekly posts, I’m sure you already know a few words, those we can also use when travelling by tren or autobús (in case you missed them, here are the links: En la estación de tren, En autobús).

In those two posts you can find words like billete -de ida, de vuelta or de ida y vuelta; asiento, pasillo and ventanilla, which are common to all three means of transport. There are some other common words, but there are also words that are specific to air travel.


En el aeropuerto

  • When you land on a Spanish aeropuerto, you will be in the llegadas (arrivals) area. You should easily find your way out. The good thing about aeropuertos is that all the signage is in English too.


  • If you are starting your journey from a Spanish aeropuerto, you should go to the salidas (departures) area first. You can find both words, salidas and llegadas, in train and bus stations also, on the screens listing all the departures and arrivals.


  • Once in the salidas area, you might need to go to the facturación (check-in) counters, but only if you have luggage to check-in or if you need a tarjeta de embarque (boarding pass).


  • You have your tarjeta de embarque and your luggage has been checked-in (or you have equipaje de mano (hand luggage) only). Then you can go through security and look for your puerta de embarque (boarding gate).


Are you ready to fly?


Today’s Spanish words

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