Soy vegano/a

In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen an increase in the number of future pilgrims asking about the availability of vegetarian or vegan dishes along the Camino de Santiago. They worry that it will be hard for them to find suitable food. And it’s understandable. Obviously, you need adequate nourishment. And, although it’s true … More Soy vegano/a

Menú del día

A couple of weeks ago I said that comida means food in Spanish. But comida is also what we call the most important meal of the day: lunch. You can also refer to lunch as almuerzo, but comida is used more frequently -and it’s easier to pronounce! So I’ll use comida. If you have been … More Menú del día

Eating on the Camino

La comida (food) is a very important part of the Camino de Santiago, and you probably have many questions: Is food easily available along the Camino? What kind of comida will I find? Will it be nutritious enough?  How much money do I need to budget for food?  Should I carry food with me? Should … More Eating on the Camino