Your body

I guess we all agree that your pies (feet) are the most important part of your body while doing the Camino de Santiago. After all, you’ll be walking for days or weeks.

In El botiquín I mentioned the most common problem your pies can have, ampollas, and I recommended some basic items you should carry in your mochila in order to look after your pies.

But what about the rest of the body?

  • Going up and down hills can put a lot of pressure on your rodillas (knees). Bastones (hiking poles) can help, although not everybody likes to use them.


  • A heavy or inadequately fitted mochila can also have a negative impact on your back and hombros (shoulders).


And, of course, as I mentioned in my previous post, some things are beyond our control. You never know if or when you will need to explain where it hurts.

Since there are many parts in our bodies (and that means many Spanish words, too!) I decided to split this topic into two posts. I’ll let a picture speak for me on this occasion (you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words…).

Next week, a few more body parts AND phrases to say you are not feeling well.


* Dedo in Spanish means finger but also toe. We don’t have two different words for those. So, if you are talking about your toe and want to avoid misunderstandings, you can refer to it as dedo del pie.

Have you had any issues with your body during your Camino? Please, share your experiences!










For the pronunciation of pies, check El botiquín.

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¡Buen Camino!

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