Variante Espiritual

When I wrote about the Camino Portugués a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the Variante Espiritual. This route variation starts from Pontevedra and takes you to Padrón,  where it joins the traditional Portuguese route. The Variante Espiritual is a very recent route. It was created around 5 or 6 years ago, connecting places that were … More Variante Espiritual

La Semana Santa

La Semana Santa (Easter) is one of the main religious celebrations in Spain. Unlike la Navidad (or other holidays, religious or not), it doesn’t have fixed dates. Instead, Easter is celebrated on the Sunday after the first full moon of spring (between 22 de marzo (March 22) and 25 de abril (April 25)). Each Spanish region, … More La Semana Santa

El Camino Portugués

For the second Camino in this series I’ve chosen the Camino Portugués (Portuguese Way). It’s the second most popular route to Santiago de Compostela, after the Camino Francés. And also, it is where I live. As the name suggests, the Camino Portugués goes to Santiago de Compostela from Portugal, but there are a couple of … More El Camino Portugués

El Camino Francés

We always talk about el Camino de Santiago or The Way as if there was one Camino only. In reality, there are many -although not all of them are equally known. Some people are not even aware that there are so many Caminos. Anyway, when we hear el Camino (de Santiago), what most of us … More El Camino Francés

Necesito un médico

Have you been following my weekly lessons? Then, you will know that I’ve been doing a series on health related issues. Apart from body parts, we’ve also learnt other things. Let’s recap before we go on: You are an EU citizen and you got your  Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea (European Health Insurance Card). And if you … More Necesito un médico