Vía de la Plata

The Vía de la Plata crosses Spain from south to north, making it one of the longest Caminos in Spain. It starts in Sevilla, in the region of Andalucía and continues through Extremadura and Castilla y León, before entering Galicia. The distance covered is around 1000 km, depending a bit on the variant you take. … More Vía de la Plata

Money matters

There’s a phrase that is repeated a lot in Camino forums and groups: Cash is king. And it’s true. Albergues, cafeterías, bares and most of the small shops where you will stop only take efectivo (cash). That means you always need to carry some dinero (money); euros, to be precise. And céntimos (cent). Billetes bigger … More Money matters

El Camino Primitivo

After a stop for a tapa de pulpo á feira, we’re back to our series about the different Caminos. This week, I’m writing about the Camino Primitivo.   The Camino Primitivo (Primitive Way) is so called because it’s the first Camino pilgrimage of which there is a written record. It follows the route taken by king … More El Camino Primitivo

Pulpo á feira

Galicia has a coastline of close to 1,500 km. So it’s only natural that pescado (fish) and marisco (shellfish) are the stars of Galician cuisine. From mejillones (mussels) and merluza (hake) to chipirones (baby squid) or the expensive percebes (goose barnacles), there is a wide variety of sea produce to choose from. But if I … More Pulpo á feira