Camino Chats

Camino chats

Your chance to practice Spanish AND talk about the Camino. 

You’ve been learning Spanish for some time.

You try your best to practice on a regular basis. Maybe you like to watch movies or listen to music in Spanish. Perhaps you prefer to study the Spanish grammar and vocabulary and do exercises.

Things are going well, in general.

But there’s one area where you struggle: speaking.

You can repeat words and sentences you hear. And you even have whole conversations… in your own head. In fact, you’re pretty fluent in your head.

The problem comes when you try to have a conversation with a Spanish-speaking person. A real one. Not one in your head.

Your mind goes blank and you start babbling. It is so frustrating!

Camino Chats


I know. I have the same problem.

Only, in my case, my tongue gets tangled up when I try to speak Italian.

The first time I joined a conversation session for Italian learners… I blush just thinking about it.

Let’s just say that, after the session, I felt like I should apologise to the Italian language for treating it so badly 😅

But I didn’t let that stop me. I keep attending those sessions whenever I can. And while my Italian still has a long way to go, I can already see an improvement. Sure, I still make mistakes. But I can communicate.


Moral of the story? We need to speak more. To real people. Not in our head.

The solution?

Camino Chats, an opportunity to practice Spanish in a safe and friendly environment + talk about the Camino.


What can you expect from the Camino Chats?

💬 1 hour of Camino-related Spanish conversation.

🗣 A chance to practice your spoken Spanish and meet other pilgrims.

👥 Small group (max. 6), so that everybody gets the chance to speak.

📝 Relevant vocabulary sent to you before the session.

You can practice your speaking or just listen if you don’t feel confident to speak yet (just let me know if you prefer to stay quiet 🙂).


What will you NOT find in here?

❌ You will not find formal lessons or grammar explanations. Just conversation. In Spanish.
❌ That means these Camino Chats are not suitable for complete beginners.

Join the next Camino chat

The Camino Chats are taking a summer break. But they will be back.

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¡Buen Camino!