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I help pilgrims learn the Spanish they need for their walk across Spain on the Camino de Santiago.

Whether you need occasional help, you want to brush up your knowledge or you’re looking for a special programme, I’m your person.


Online Spanish lessons

Hola, me llamo María

I love languages and I trained to be an English teacher. But then I won a scholarship to go to Ireland for a year to improve my English while teaching Spanish. I discovered I loved it and decided I had to teach Spanish. The look on the students’ faces the first time they can talk to a Spanish-speaking person, they are understood and understand the reply… that is priceless.

I taught Spanish  in Ireland for 15 years. During those years, one of the motivations to join my classes was “I want to do the Camino”. These courses were not Camino-specific but I tried to make them as practical and useful as possible.

After 15 years in Ireland, I moved back to Spain. I tried to go back to teaching English but I found out that teaching Spanish was what made me happy. So, here I am. Ready to guide you on your Spanish learning experience.

I give you exactly what you need to get the most out of your Camino.

I make learning Spanish really simple and relaxed. So, even if you feel a little nervous or aren’t sure where to start, I’ll break it down for you and you’ll be able to learn the new words and phrases you’ll need very easily.


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1:1 on demand lessons

If you only need some sporadic help with your Spanish, this is for you.

Book a session when you need it.

Choose between a 30 or 60-minute session to:

✔️ help you master some Spanish basics
✔️ practice the Spanish you already know
✔️ help you with your Spanish pronunciation
✔️ answer any questions about the Spanish language you may have


You decide!

Lesson packages

With these flexible packages you get 5 or 10 1:1 online Spanish lessons.

The duration of the lessons is 50 minutes.

You can use your 10-lesson package anytime within 6 months from time of purchase. Your 5-lesson package is valid for 3 months from time of purchase.

5-lesson Spanish package
10-lesson Spanish package
group lessons


Do you have pilgrim friends who also want to learn?

Do you belong to an organisation and you’d like to offer Spanish lessons to your members?

There are special prices for groups. You can email me or book a free call for more details.

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I signed up for 10 weekly sessions of Spanish for the Camino before walking the Camino Frances in Spring, 2022. It was one of the best possible things I could do to make the most of my Camino experience.

For me, the top takeaways from this course:

  • Aim to understand and be understood.  Don’t aim for perfection in vocabulary, accent, or conjugation. This key lesson enabled me to have wonderful and effective conversations all along the Camino.


  • It helps to practice conversations you’re likely to have on the Camino. Profesora Seco’s personal experience walking the Camino provides great context for learning Spanish.  I was motivated to learn the vocabulary and phrases that would help me express the emotional, physical, geographical, and cultural aspects of the Camino.


  • Don’t settle for Google Translate. I developed a healthy respect for how translation apps can miss the mark and learned how to develop other strategies for being understood.

I highly recommend Spanish for the Camino.

Jenny Dudley


I ‘ve tried all the apps for learning Spanish, but until I started studying with María nothing worked.

María makes learning Spanish so much fun. She’s super creative and her lessons are always loaded with lots of info about The Camino and life in Spain.

I feel like with María’s help, my next Camino will be so much better because I will finally be able to communicate in Spanish with confidence and better understand what I’m hearing and reading while I’m there.

I highly recommend taking Spanish lessons with María Seco! She is an amazing teacher.

Leigh Brennan


María presented the material very clearly, prepared challenging and useful practice exercises for each lesson, and provided prompt and helpful feedback. When I returned for another Camino after the course I felt so much more confident saying the words on my list of useful phrases.