Come and find your way to Spanish… tu Camino al español.

Learning a language on your own can be overwhelming. You have lots of questions and nobody to help you figure out the answers.


❓Am I learning proper, real Spanish?

💬 Do people in Spain speak like this?

👄 Am I pronouncing it correctly?

🗣 Will they understand me when I speak?

👂🏼 Will I understand them when they speak to me?

I had many of these questions before travelling to an English-speaking country for the first time. And that was after studying the language for a few years in school.

It can be stressful, right? But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With my help, you can quickly build your confidence and enjoy a different Camino.

✔️ One where you can connect with the locals.

✔️ One where you feel confident that if you have a problem you will be able to communicate it properly.

✔️ One where you don’t feel isolated because no one around you speaks your language.


A better Camino.


A little Spanish is very useful for anyone doing the Camino. You may pass through small villages where no English is spoken.


Also, by the way,  I was treated to a lot of free beer by fellow pilgrims who occasionally  needed an interpreter. Another benefit of knowing the language!


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The good news is that you don’t need to study Spanish for years in order to achieve this.


Let me help you.


I’ve created a collection of workbooks for you to learn Spanish at your own pace.


Each workbook…

✔️ has been created with the needs of pilgrims in mind.

✔️ is the equivalent of 2-3 Spanish lessons.

✔️ contains step-by-step guides with easy explanations and exercises.

✔️ is perfect if you have zero or little Spanish.


Don’t waste time learning stuff you won’t be able to use. 

Focus on your needs instead and get more value out of your time and money.


And if learning on your own is not your thing, I’ve got you covered too. You can choose a workbook package.

That will give you my feedback and on-demand support for a whole month. Plus, a 1:1 session with me.

Scroll down for more details.


Maria is so great! I really enjoy her blog and I’ve bought all her workbooks. I’ve attended some of the free online chats she’s been generously hosting during quarantine. She is an excellent Spanish teacher and she has an abundance of Camino knowlege as well.



Maria is an excellent online teacher. Her interactive workbooks are wonderful also.



Spanish workbooks


What’s inside each workbook?

  • 15 pages on average.
  • Simple step by step explanations.
  • Vocabulary that is relevant to the Camino.
  • Links to video and audio files.
  • Exercises for you to practice and build your confidence.
  • Answer key.
  • Cultural tips.


There were days I felt lonely, and sometimes isolated, as I was in a village and there was no one else there but locals and I couldn’t communicate.

I found Google Translate isn’t your friend. It’s like a twisted cousin who can cause you more harm than good.


Choose your Workbook

Spanish phrases for the Camino

Tu camino al español 1

The basics

Learn the very basics: greetings and other essential words, how to introduce yourself, how to ask the most common questions…

Tu Camino al español 2

Tu Camino al español 2

verbs and accommodation

Learn the most frequently-used verbs and how to use them in many different situations. 

You will also find all you need to know about accommodation.


Tu Camino al español 3

Tu Camino al español 3

all about numbers

The general topic covered is numbers, plus several situations where you will need them, such as dates, time/schedules and money.

Tu Camino al español 4

Tu camino al español 4

your health

This workbook is all about health, so you will learn about the body and how to discuss the most common health problems.


Tu Camino al español 5

Tu Camino al español 5

transport and directions

Learn the necessary Spanish to navigate through buses, trains & planes. 

Plus, learn how to ask for directions… and how to understand the directions you’re given.

Workbook 6

Tu Camino al español 6


Learn basic food vocabulary, plus how to order your food in a restaurant and how to explain your dietary needs.


Learning on your own is not your thing?


Finding the motivation to work through a course on your own is not easy.

I know. I’ve downloaded many free and paid ebooks and courses with my best intentions. And what happened?


Most times, things go like this: you start working through them but, more often than not, you don’t make it to the end.

📅 It wasn’t on your schedule, so you just forgot.

😶 Or maybe it felt lonely, not having anyone to answer your questions, encourage you, give you feedback on your progress, reassure you that what you are learning actually works…


Does any of that sound familiar?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably experienced this in the past. That’s how I came up with the idea of the workbook package.


You really want to learn some Spanish before your next Camino. You ARE commited. But maybe getting another workbook that might end up unfinished or unopened in your computer is not the best idea.

The workbook package is the solution.


What are the benefits? 

🗣 Learn useful Spanish you will be able to use on the Camino. Just choose your topic and start speaking Spanish.

💬 Improve your pronunciation. Each workbook includes links to audio and video files so you can hear how everything is pronounced. Avoid blank stares when you mispronounce something and people don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

👂🏼 Improve your listening skills. Understanding what people say can be a struggle. That’s why you’ll also find listening exercises in every workbook.

🚥 Get useful cultural tips too. Because learning a language is more than simply putting a few words together.

🙋🏻 Feedback and support from me for a month. You don’t have to do it on your own. I’ll be guiding you all the way: you’ll get answers to your questions, encouragement, corrections, tips…

👥 one 30-minute 1:1 online session at a date & time of your choice (within the month).

Unlimited access to the materials.



I would have enjoyed it more if I was able to talk to the Spanish local people. By just saying “hola” and “gracias”  I felt a disconnect.

Now that my level of vocabulary has improved through the years I feel a lot more confident being on the Camino.





⏱ This is a flexible programme, so you can choose your package anytime.

📖 After you complete your purchase, you will receive your chosen workbook by email.

🗣 You can work through your workbook at your own pace. I will answer your questions or send you feedback as I receive your messages.

👥 You can book your 1:1 online session (30 minutes) anytime within a month from your purchase.


Your investment

The total cost of this package is €30.00.

If you are interested in this package but you already have a workbook, just let me know and we’ll make it happen.


This includes

✔️ a workbook of your choice.

✔️ a whole month to work through it (that gives you plenty of time).

✔️ my feedback and support throughout the month. You can send me the exercises for correction, ask any questions you may have.

✔️ one 30-minute 1:1 online session at a date & time of your choice (within the month).



 Something’s not clear? Or maybe you have questions; you’re not sure if this is the right thing for you…

No problem! Email me at with all your questions and doubts. 

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