Walk and Talk 2022

From Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th May 2022


Improve your Spanish in a natural way while completing your pilgrimage

to  Santiago de Compostela




Walk and Talk 2020


Six days to walk the Camino Portugués (Portuguese way), from Tui to Santiago de Compostela. 

This route is over 100km, so you will be eligible to receive the Compostela– a certificate of completion of the Camino de Santiago, issued by the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago de Compostela. 


Walk and Talk 2020


 Guided conversations in Spanish to create a rounded experience in which practising Spanish is as important as walking the path.




  • Itinerary: 

Día 1: Tui – Porriño (17km)
Día 2: Porriño – Redondela (16km)
Día 3: Redondela – Pontevedra (19km)
Día 4: Pontevedra – Caldas de Reis (23km)
Día 5: Caldas de Reis – Padrón (18.5km)
Día 6: Padrón – Santiago de Compostela (25km)

  • Accommodation: 6 nights’ accommodation included. You also have the option to have your luggage transferred from hotel to hotel.


  • Food: All breakfasts and 1 meal per day (lunch or dinner) are included. Coffee breaks are not included due mainly to logistics. We understand that the group might not be walking at the same speed, so the meals that happen during the walking time are not included the price.



  • Guided talks: Guided conversations in Spanish to create a rounded experience in which practising Spanish is as important as walking the path.


  • Pre-walk materials: Prior to the walk, you will receive a booklet containing the topics of discussion for each day, the vocabulary and some reflection questions so you can prepare in advance if you wish.


  • Travel journal: To benefit both from the pilgrimage and the language, you will be invited to write – in Spanish – a daily entry in your travel journal. We will correct your text (if you want) and give you feedback to improve your writing skills.



Maria Seco

Maria Seco

I was teaching Spanish in Ireland for years. Now I live on the Camino de Santiago. I see pilgrims passing by all the time. This sparked my enthusiasm for the Camino, which is a life-changing experience. And I think that knowing at least some basic Spanish can enrich this experience. So I decided to combine my teaching experience with my interest in the Camino: I created Spanish for the Camino, in order to help pilgrims have a better experience by giving them the tools to communicate in Spanish. 

Walk and Talk 2020

Maria Ortega

Teacher and Founder of “Compass Spanish“, Spanish Language and Culture business where she creates engaging experiences for her clients to deepen their understanding of Spanish language and culture in ways that feel personal to them. She lives in the centre of the Camino francés, in the city of Burgos and knows the pilgrimage experience well. She believes the best way to learn a language is to experience it, and the best way to travel and to experience a country is to speak its language.




To join us in this immersion life-changing experience, hit the button and fill the form below or email me. 
You are not sure if this is for you? Let’s schedule a free call to answer your questions and discuss all details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in this experience?

  • 6 nights’ accommodation.
  • Immersive, custom 6-day Spanish course and coaching sessions from native Spanish speaker and experienced tutors María Seco and María Ortega (two Marías!).
  • Breakfasts and 1 meal per day, including a final lunch in Santiago after we arrive.
  • Both structured and spontaneous conversation practice.

If you have dietary restrictions, that’s not a problem. Let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What’s the necessary Spanish level?

All levels are welcome, although some basic Spanish is an advantage. We will adjust teaching to your level. The group is hand-picked to ensure that each participant will be able to achieve their language goals. 

If you are unsure about whether your level is right for this walk and talk experience, don’t hesitate to email me at marias@spanishforcamino.com. We can have a chat and I’ll do my best to help you

How do I get to Tui?

The nearest airport is Vigo. From there, you can take a bus or train to Tui.

You can check Vigo-Tui train schedules at Renfe’s websiteThere is also a more frequent bus between Vigo and Tui whose schedule can be found in Lugove’s website.

You can also fly to Santiago or even Porto, in Portugal.

Alternatively, Rome2Rio is fantastic tool to explore different travel options.

If you’d like expert assistance with your travel arrangements, let us know and we’ll find the best way for you.

How do I join?

Send me an email to marias@spanishforcamino.com, including a bit of background about how long you’ve been learning Spanish and a description of what level you’re at. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive an email from me with instructions to  confirm your booking.

I Have More Questions. What Should I do?

No problem! Email me at marias@spanishforcamino.com and we can schedule a free call.

You can’t make these dates or you are not ready to walk & talk +100km yet?

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