Spanish pronunciation Masterclass

Spanish Pronunciation Masterclass

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The Spanish Pronunciation Masterclass is a self-paced online course that will provide you with the tools to pronounce any Spanish word you come across. And to do it correctly. Anytime.


  • 1 hour video content, split into 7 short videos, 5-10 minutes each.
  • 2 booklets, one with the video content and one with exercises so you can practice what you’re learning.

The Camino de Santiago is a life-changing experience for most and being able to communicate with the locals and other pilgrims will further enrich your experience.


Some of the PROs of learning Spanish:

Spanish pronunciation masterclassBe more relaxed and independent. You won’t need to find people who can translate for you. Your phone’s battery died? No problem! You got this!

Spanish pronunciation masterclassGet a better response from people and connect more. The locals will go out of their way to help you when they see you’re making the effort to speak Spanish.

Spanish pronunciation masterclassHelp someone else communicate when they need it and become their Camino angel.


And the good news is you don’t need to master the language before you start your Camino. You just need the right tools. And that’s what you’ll find here.

Spanish pronunciation is very regular. You can predict how to pronounce any word by how it’s written. The Spanish Pronunciation Masterclass will provide you with the tools to be able to pronounce any Spanish word you come across. And to do it correctly. Anytime!

Can you imagine that? I wish someone had told me how to do that in English when I was learning it (in fact, I could still do with that information, to be honest!).


But the Masterclass has other BENEFITS too!

Spanish pronunciation masterclassImprove your pronunciation. Avoid blank stares when you mispronounce something and people don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Spanish pronunciation masterclassImprove your listening skills. By knowing how a word is pronounced, you’re more likely to recognise it when you hear it. Being understood and understanding more of what you hear will also boost your confidence.

Spanish pronunciation masterclassLearn how to pronounce any Spanish word you see. Really. The course includes 7 short videos explaining all you need to know + exercises to practice what you’re learning.

Spanish pronunciation masterclassUnlimited access to the materials.

Spanish pronunciation masterclassAll the words and phrases you will learn are relevant to the Camino, so you’ll be able to use them.


The course is self-paced.

After you sign up, you will receive access to the course platform. Materials include:

Spanish pronunciation masterclassVideo-lessons: around 1 hour video content, split into 7 short videos, 5-10 minutes each.

Spanish pronunciation masterclass2 booklets, one with a written version of the video content and one with exercises so you can practice what you’re learning.

Spanish pronunciation masterclass interactive exercises.

Spanish pronunciation masterclass


Every lesson was so perfect and just the right size to go back and study over without feeling intimidating.

I feel well equipped.

Maria was very responsive, helpful and encouraging.



Maria, thank you again for presenting such a well constructed and well presented course. You have used the best of distance education methods, providing careful scaffolding of tasks, clear development and sequencing of lessons, an appropriate mix of audio, video and text, and excellent tutorial support.



I thought it would be good to do from home as there aren’t any Spanish classes available here close to home. Also, because I am interested in another Camino, I like that you are from Spain and the Spanish taught is specific to the region.

I wondered about value for money but after I finished, I thought it was excellent value for money!

Your explanations were made simple and clear and the exercises were in a logical format that was easy to follow. I feel more confident now in reading and pronouncing new words in Spanish.



Maria Seco

¡Hola! Soy María Seco

I love languages and I trained to be an English teacher. But then I won a scholarship to go to Ireland for a year to improve my English while teaching Spanish. I discovered I loved it and decided I had to teach Spanish. The look on the students’ faces the first time they can talk to a Spanish-speaking person… that is priceless. 

I taught Spanish  in Ireland for 15 years and then moved back to Spain, where I continued to teach Spanish. But I now live on the Camino de Santiago. I started seeing pilgrims passing every day and I wanted to join them. So I walked. When I’m not walking I like to help people have a better experience in Spain by giving them the tools to communicate in Spanish.