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There are a number of posts that cover different aspects of a wider topic, such as accommodation or transport. In order to facilitate your learning, I’m trying to condense several related posts into a short video-presentation. In these, you can see the words and listen to them.

If you prefer to just listen and to have the freedom to listen anytime, anywhere, you can now do that too. I’ve compiled all the little audio files from the different blog posts into bigger files containing all the relevant vocabulary for a topic. You can find those here.


  • Have you been following all the posts about accommodation along the Camino de Santiago? In case you missed any, here are the links to all of them:
  1. ¿Dónde vas a dormir?
  2. El albergue
  3. ¿Dónde vas a dormir? (II)
  4. Where did you stay?

I’ve tried to condense all the Spanish from those posts in this short video-presentation.

And… there’s a short test for you at the end of the video! You can write a comment with your answers and I’ll tell you if you got them right or not (it’s very easy, so I’m sure you will).


  • In the next video, I’ve summarised the three posts relating to transport:
  1. En la estación de tren
  2. En autobús
  3. En el aeropuerto


El Camino Francés

For the audio only version, go to Audio files.


El Camino Portugués

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