Thank you


I’m so excited you decided to join the Spanish Advent Calendar.

We have almost a whole month of Spanish fun and goodness ahead of us. But we’re not starting until December 1st.

While we wait, let me tell you what to expect:

  • From December 1 until Christmas Day, you will receive a daily email from me. 

Maths have never been my thing, but I believe that’s 25 emails.

  • Each email will contain a Spanish treat: a song, a recipe, a bit of Camino history, Spanish traditions, a little dose of grammar… 

I can’t tell you now what you’ll get each day. What kind of advent calendar would it be if you knew what treat was hiding behind each door? 

But I can tell you it will be something good. Some activities will be easier, some will be harder. But there will always be something for you to do.

  • There’s no right or wrong way to complete your Spanish Advent Calendar. 

You can try to complete each day’s lesson on the same day or you may prefer to save them for later… It doesn’t matter. There’s no pressure to finish by a certain date.

All the materials are yours to keep. You can use them anytime. As many times as you want.

In fact, I encourage you to go back to activities you’ve already completed. A few days or even weeks later.

It can be hard to see your own progress when you’re learning a language. Going over stuff you did before will show you how far you’ve come… as long as you’ve been consistent with your Spanish practice.

And remember that being consistent doesn’t mean a daily hour of grammar exercises. 10-15 minutes a day will do the trick.

And you are allowed to have fun. In fact, you SHOULD have fun. It makes learning better.

Eso es todo. That’s all for now.

Hasta el 1 de diciembre. See you December 1st.