Advent calendar

Spanish Advent Calendar


25 days of activities, games, puzzles and more to help you learn Spanish. 

You know how advent calendars work, right?

There are many variations. But the main idea is this:

On the countdown to Christmas, you open a new window on your advent calendar to reveal a little gift or treat. Chocolate, a little toy, a poem…

  • You get a nice surprise.
  • Every day.
  • From December 1st until Christmas Day.

 That’s 25 nice surprises!


The Spanish for the Camino Advent Calendar works just like that.

Only, instead of chocolate, your nice surprise will be a new Spanish lesson every day.

From December 1st until Christmas day.


 That’s a total of 25 Spanish lessons. 


You will learn more about the Camino and other aspects of Spanish culture while you improve your knowledge of the language.

The lessons contain a variety of activities that will get you to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing. In no particular order.

That’s part of the excitement of advent calendars, isn’t it? You don’t know what you’re going to get until you open the little door. In this case, until you open your email.

What am I going to learn?


 You’ll learn about Spanish Christmas traditions.
 You’ll learn about St. James.
 You’ll learn how to cook some Spanish dishes.
 You’ll learn a traditional Spanish villancico (Christmas carol). 
 You can learn and play games in Spanish.
 You’ll learn how to express yourself in the present, past and future.
 You will practice your listening skills.
 You will expand your vocabulary.
 You will improve your pronunciation.

And more…

Advent calendar

What is your Spanish learning experience like?

❌ Are you tired of doing boring, repetitive exercises?
❌ Do you set yourself unrealistic goals and get discouraged when can’t meet them?
❌ Do you have good intentions to practice daily but you hardly ever do it?


The Spanish for the Camino Advent Calendar is the solution.

✅ We learn better when we are having fun.

✅ It’s also important to be consistent: as little as 10-15 minutes of Spanish every day will do wonders.

Much more effective than doing an hour today and then nothing for a week or 2. You don’t have to take my word for it. There is plenty of research to prove it.

The Spanish for the Camino Advent Calendar gives you both:

 the variety of activities and topics keeps things fun.
 the daily emails give you the reminder you need to spend some time on your Spanish every day.  

The perfect combination!

Whether you’re starting to learn Spanish, or you’ve been trying for a while but feel stuck, or you simply want to have some fun with your Spanish, the Spanish Advent Calendar has something for you.. 



The daily regimen for leaning Spanish & learning Spanish culture made me want to get the Advent Calendar.

I loved the variety of subjects. It’s fun to look at snips of many aspects of (almost 😉) all things Spanish which made me feel less unfamiliar to the Spanish language



I thought the Advent Calendar was such a novel idea that I should support it! The idea of 25 min-lessons centred around the Camino and Spanish culture was very interesting and for anyone who is ”super-curious” impossible to resist. Also the price was reasonable and it was a practical way for me to support your work.

These are short min lessons which are structured with interesting information and exercises. There is a reason to return to each lesson to practise the language. Also the introduction to the Spanish culture is appreciated. A lot which I already knew to but to see it in another source is re-enforcing…and impactful for me.

It’s informative with ideas how to progress through the intermediate stage in Spanish. When I return to Spain and to Galicia I will have greater awareness on what to do and to expect.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Spanish Advent Calendar?

A collection of 25 Spanish lessons on a variety of topics: from Spanish Christmas traditions to the history of the Camino, including music, food, games and a pinch of grammar.

What level of Spanish do I need?

It is suitable for beginners, as well as for people who already know the basics of the language. The variety in the lessons means there’s something for everybody.


When is it happening?

You can buy it until the end of November 30 (Spanish time).
Your surprises will start arriving on December 1.
A daily treat until Christmas Day. A total of 25 lessons.

How long can I access the materials?

All the materials will be yours forever. You can complete the lessons in your own time.
No pressure.

Why should I get it?

  • You want to learn about Spain and its culture.
  • You want to improve your Spanish.
  • You need a daily reminder to work on your Spanish. 
  • You want to have fun while doing stuff in Spanish.

Can I buy this for a friend?

The Advent Calendar would make a fantastic Christmas present for any Camino enthusiasts who want to learn and improve their Spanish.

🎁 If you’re gifting this to someone else, email me  at with the email you used to purchase it and the name and email of the person you’re buying it for. 

How much is the Advent Calendar?


That’s 25 Spanish lessons for the price of a daily café con leche! ☕️

You have more questions. What should you do?

No problem! Email me at and ask away.