Está cerrado

You are planning to do some shopping when you get to the next town. You get there and find that everything is cerrado (closed). And you don’t understand why… After all, it’s only the middle of the day.   Well, that’s exactly why everything is closed!   Lunch is the main meal of the day … More Está cerrado

Tortilla de patatas

What’s the first dish that comes to mind when you think about typical Spanish food? Hands up those who are thinking “paella”! Well, paella is very popular. But it’s not a typical Spanish dish. Paella is really a creation of Valencian cuisine -the region of Valencia is on the Mediterranean coast. Every region in Spain … More Tortilla de patatas

It’s your Camino

It’s your Camino. Does that sound familiar? If you’ve been planning and/or thinking about your Camino de Santiago for a while I’m sure you’ve heard it or read it before. To me, it means that it’s OK to ask for advice and read about other pilgrims’ experiences, but you should make your own decisions. You know … More It’s your Camino