Learn Spanish with me

Do you need Spanish on the Camino? Some people will say you don’t. They’ll say things like…

“a smile is enough… you can use Google Translate… you can find someone who speaks English”


All of those are not false but what happens if…

🤔 you have a problem that can’t be explained with a smile?

📴 your phone battery is dead or Google Translate is not working?

🤐 there are no English speakers around?


There were days I felt lonely, and sometimes isolated, as I was in a village and there was no one else there but locals and I couldn’t communicate.

I found Google Translate isn’t your friend. It’s like a twisted cousin who can cause you more harm than good.



You could get by without Spanish but…


why would you want to just get by?

Learn with me


By learning some Spanish you will…


  • feel more confident and independent.
  • minimise potentially stressful situations.
  • connect with the locals and get a better response from them.

Are you ready to learn?


I can help you

Do you need Spanish?

Tu camino al español

self-paced Spanish workbooks

A collection of workbooks to learn the Spanish you need for the Camino at your own pace. Step-by-step guides with easy explanations, audio and exercises. On your own or with some feedback and encouragement from me.

Do you need Spanish

1:1 online lessons

on demand

Whether you need sporadic help with your Spanish, you want to brush up your knowledge or  you’re looking for a special Camino programme, I can help.

Book a 20-minute free consultation to discuss your options.

Spanish pronunciation Masterclass

Spanish Pronunciation Masterclass

An online self-paced course

Video lessons, exercises, feedback and support…

Learn how to pronounce any Spanish word you see.

Spanish conversation course

Confident Camino Conversations

A 6-week conversation course

Practice the most common Camino situations in a small group of like-minded pilgrims.


I actually have done the Camino, mostly the French route but also I did a good bit of the Northern route starting in Oviedo.

Having been at Maria’s class, I was almost fluent after her excellent tuition.




Every lesson was so perfect and just the right size to go back and study over without feeling intimidating.

I feel well equipped.

Maria was very responsive, helpful and encouraging.



What other pilgrims say

Learning more than gracias and por favor will make a huge difference to your experience.



I would have enjoyed it more if I was able to talk to the Spanish local people. By just saying hola and gracias I felt a disconnect.

Now that my level of vocabulary has improved through the years I feel a lot more confident being on the Camino.



Every little bit will enrich your experience and ease your struggles/worries.


The one thing that helped me the most during my Camino was the ability to communicate in Spanish.


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