Spanish for the Camino podcast

El podcast de Spanish for the Camino combina tus dos pasiones: el español y el Camino de Santiago.

Mejora tu español mientras aprendes sobre temas relacionados con el Camino. Para niveles intermedios.

En este podcast encontrarás:

  • información sobre las distintas rutas
  • cuestiones prácticas
  • costumbres y tradiciones de España
  • historias de peregrinos
  • recomendaciones de otros peregrinos

Escucha el episodio más reciente aquí:

Las transcripciones de Spanish for the Camino

Have you ever thought “Spanish people speak too fast”?

Let me share a little secret: I used to think the same about English speakers. Now I realise that some do speak fast. But others, not so much.

And it’s the same with Spanish speakers.
But when you are learning a language, everyone sounds too fast for you.

Listening to podcasts is one of the ways to get the practice you need. 

Listening while you’re out walking or on your commute to work is the most basic way to use podcast. But it’s not the most effective if you want to improve your Spanish skills. 

There are other things you should be doing to get more out of your listening time.  For most of them, you need the transcripts.


Now, you can get all the transcripts of the Spanish for the Camino Podcast.

Also included:

 List of things you can do with any podcast, to make your listening time really count.

 Listening worksheet, with exercises to do before and after each episode, as well as while you’re listening.

Future updates: when new episodes, vocabulary guides and exercises are ready, you’ll get access to those too at no extra cost.

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